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PAUL MAUNDER is an author and journalist.

His features regularly appear in Rouleur, Peloton and Soigneur magazines. He has been in love with cycle racing in all its forms for over thirty years, and is always looking for the depth behind the stories - the human element, the cultural and historical connections. In 2017, Bloomsbury will publish his first book, on the intense world of professional cyclocross.

Paul also has 15 years experience working in the head office of a major UK retailer, where he has developed a career working with fashion and beauty brands. This has given him a strong commercial and strategic outlook, and an understanding of brand strategy.

Samples of Paul's work can be found below or on his own website.


“Now we start to see how cycling operates. A team leader can be either introvert or extravert, but he must lead by example and communicate. A team coach however, is more likely to succeed if they are an extravert capable of rallying the troops. Think Marc Madiot banging on the car door behind Thibaut Pinot. Many of the most successful coaches in today’s peloton were riders who built their reputation on being great team riders - Brian Holm, Steven De Jongh, Sean Yates. For them, team comes first. Conversely, few very successful riders have made very successful coaches. Can you think of any Tour de France winners who have gone on to successfully manage a top level team?”


“Dominating the skyline above Bologna is the rust-colored cupola of the Santuario della Beata Vergine di San Luca. This Roman Catholic sanctuary church sits atop the Colle della Guardia climb and acts as a beacon for pilgrims and professional cyclists alike. Climbing the hill alongside the smooth, barrier-lined tarmac is a monumental arcade, the Portico di San Luca. Consisting of 666 stone arches and built to protect an icon of the Virgin Mary as it was paraded up the hill, the arcade runs for almost four kilometres up to the Sanctuary. Only from an aerial shot can one truly appreciate the scale of this construction. It took over a hundred years to build. In 2015 the men’s Giro dell’Emilia was won by Jan Bakelandts, the women’s race by Longo Borghini. In sharp comparison to the sunny conditions of Il Lombardia a week earlier, Emilia was run off in heavy rain. The hills were wrapped in mist, above which the Sanctuary hovered, luminous and surreal. Spectators used the arcade for shelter, or huddled underneath umbrellas. Most of the peloton looked like they’d rather be somewhere else. Somewhere warmer."


“Fed up with your relatives? Eaten too much Kerststronk (the traditional Belgian Yule log smothered in chocolate)? A long week ahead with no obligation to go into work? Why not immerse yourself in Kerstperiode, the intense period of racing in Belgium over Christmas and the New Year. While the World Championships is the climax of the season, the Kerstperiode is arguably the most important week of the winter. With five major races over twelve days there is a lot at stake. A good string of results can significantly boost a rider’s campaign in the World Cup, Superprestige or Bpost bank trofee series. And in the businesslike world of professional cyclocross we mustn’t forget that there’s a great deal of start money and prize money on offer.”

“When the riders roll out of Vitoria-Gasteiz on the 14th stage of this year’s Vuelta, they may be thinking about the feelings in their legs, the road rash on their hips, next year’s contract, their chances of making the World Championships squad. They may be thinking about a new playlist on Spotify, or whether they’ve got a chance with that blonde podium girl. It’s probably reasonable to assume most of the peloton will not be thinking about the nuances of the Spanish political identity.”

PRESS RELEASE for Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes team

“With the addition of a new title sponsor and four new riders, Velo Classic p/b Stan’s NoTubes is looking forward to a breakthrough season in 2016. The team are proud to announce Velo Classic Tours (, as the team’s new title sponsor. A luxury European cycle travel company based in New York City and Belgium, Velo Classic Tours is a proud supporter of women’s cycling. Owner Peter Easton said, “Following the team last year gave us great insight into how dedicated, hard-working and professional these women are. We are committed to growing women’s cycling and this year presents the ideal opportunity to step up as primary sponsor. Our mission is to create opportunities for female cyclists that generate personal growth and professional advancement, provide empowerment through knowledge, and education through experience. We’re very excited to be an even bigger part of the team’s success in 2016.” The team also enters its fifth year of a long-standing relationship with Stan’s NoTubes (, the leading lightweight tubeless wheel company. Stan’s will again provide wheels and support for the squad. Team owner BrittLee Bowman said, “Stans’ continued support has provided stability over the years, helping us to develop our program and foster continuous growth. And most importantly their wheels go very fast.”

BOOK to be published in 2017